Livenguide is a social network that connects People and Activities. We consider life is a wonderful journey and everyone can be a Traveler some times and a Guide on other occasions.

As a Traveler, you can find local Guides or Activities with Livenguide. If  you want to be, you can become a Guide, help others enjoy Activities that you created where you live and earn money from that.

Livenguide connects and helps us meet and enjoy time together; and allows us to share our reviews and experiences.

We believe in mutual respect between people as well as respect to the environment. We promote green values and engage ourselves to spend our earnings to make a better world.

We are from Saigon, Phnom Penh, Paris, London and Seattle. Our head office is in France.

You create and share Activities near where you live: a boat ride, hiking, musical events, museums, cooking or shopping experiences...

You earn money during your free time and make new friends from different countries.

You find a truly local Guide, get to know him/her and have a chat before traveling together.

You make money using your house/flat and your car: create homestay tours, drive people around the city...

You can use Livenguide. We are here to help. And Livenguide is completely free.

Livenguide is different to other social networks, such as Facebook, in the following key points:

1. Livenguide does not collect unauthorized user information like what you've liked, what comments you have on a specific topic, or what political views you have. We do not collect your Livenguide information and usage habits. Put simply, Livenguide DOES NOT TRACK USERS

2. Livenguide lays down CLEAR RULE on to whom and how your posts are shown. This rule ensures your posts are treated in the most equitable manner whoever you are, whenever you post and on whatever topics. Livenguide does not restrict information because of the "profile" of Livenguide users. Livenguide does not monopolize and manipulate information.

3. Livenguide NEVER DELETES YOUR POST, CLOSES YOUR ACCOUNT without exchanging and seeking resolution with you. Founded and developed by social activists, Livenguide understands and is committed to protecting your freedom of speech and rights to privacy. You can use Livenguide to record your own daily memories or share with others your insights. Your Livenguide account is like a private home and we absolutely respect it.

4. Livenguide is a safe, healthy and ethical social network. We DO NOT DEVELOP BY ALL PRICE and target vulnerable user groups such as minors or teenagers. We place user safety over profit or development.

5. Livenguide is a social network that encourages people to meet and participate in Activities together. We value your time with relatives and friends. Livenguide DOES NOT USE TRICKS TO DRAG YOU TO THE SCREENS. You can use Livenguide calmly and without any psychological pressure.

Livenguide wants to give you another social networking experience. Serene, safe, fun and useful.

As a Traveler, you pay only the Guide. As a Guide, you receive all the money from the Traveler.

Using the chat area, the Traveler and Guide discuss the Activities, the arragements and agree on a price and payment method. The Guide will then fill in an Agreement summarising the Activity and send it to the Traveler to sign. This can be reworked unti the Traveler is happy and the document is signed by both sides.

Livenguide is completely free, Traveler pays Guide directly an agreed price. Traveler and Guide pay nothing to Livenguide before, during or after the Activity.

You can participate in Activity created by local Guides at the best price. It is easy and simple on Livenguide.

Search: Type a keyword (country, city, Activity or Guide name you know) to search for Guide and Activity. You can then filter the results by using different criteria: Guide or Activity, Gender, Prices, Availability and Languages.

Contact: If you select a Guide, you can enter Guide's dashboard and click Send Message and chat with the Guide to plan your participation into the Activity. If you chose an Activity, besides clicking on Send Message to the Guide owner of this Activity, you can also click Book Now to inform the Guide of your interest in her/his Activity. 

Participate: When you and the Guide have come to an agreement in the chat area, the Guide fills a simple Agreement summarising needed information and sends you for your signature. You can then particpate in the Activity created by the Guide. 

Share: After participating in the Activity, you can review and rate your Guide. Your review will be published in the Guide's dashboard. You can share photos and experiences about the Activity on your dashboard.  

Livenguide is completely free, Traveler pays Guide directly an agreed price for the Activity. Traveler and Guide pay nothing to Livenguide before, during or after the Activity.

You can be a Guide at where you live and earn money. It is easy and simple on Livenguide.

Create: When signed up, you will have access to your profile. To increase the chance of being contacted as a Guide, you need to complete your profile and give at least your Guide price in USD per hour, your city and country. You can also create Activity(s) to present your knowledge, your interests and experiences. You give your Activity(s) a price in USD per traveler.

Answer: A Traveler can contact you by sending you a message, booking your Activity, or commenting on your status. You can then answer their request, discuss and plan the Activity in the chat area. 

Organise: When you and a Traveler have come to an agreement, you will compile an Agreement summarising needed information and send to the Traveler to sign. Then you can be with your Traveler, enjoy the Activity together and earn money.

Share: After the Activity, you will receive a review and rating from the Traveler. These reviews prove your good service, help you improve and increase your chances of guiding and earning money in the future. You can also share your photos and travel experiences on your Dashboard.

Livenguide is completely free, Traveler pays Guide directly an agreed price. Traveler and Guide pay nothing to Livenguide before, during or after the Activity.

To profit most from our service, you are advised to take the following steps:

  • Sign up using your email address or activated Facebook account;
  • Update your profile with as much information and as many photos as possible. Most importantly: your city and country, give yourself a Guide price, it can be 0 USD/hr. This information increases significantly your chance of being contacted;
  • Share your experiences, post a status, comment, like, dislike, etc. on your dashboard and that of your contacts.
  • Create Activity(s) in what interest you the most and that you think can organise for people. Your Activities for example should show how you can help others explore where you live while you can earn money;
  • Reply to bookings of Activity and messages from Travelers if there are. When you come to an agreement, use the Agreement to summarise the needed information. After the Activity, you can review the participants. 

We continually monitor our system to ensure Users have the best experiences with Livenguide.

A User can be a Traveler one day or a Guide the other day if she/he wants. Every User has a Credits number determined as follows:

Your Credits increase when you post a status (+3), your status is liked (+1), you post a comment (+2), you are added as contact (+5), you create an Activity (+8), your Activity is booked or your Agreement signed (+5), you as a Traveler review Guide after tour (+5), you as a Guide are given Review Credits (1 to 20), which are those that a Traveler rates you after taking part in your Activity. 

Your Credits decrease when your status is disliked (-1), you remove a contact (-5).

Users with higher Credits are shown higher in search results, therefore have more chance of being contacted, and earn more money.

Personal data security and privacy is top priority of Livenguide. Livenguide takes all necessary measures to keep your personal data safe.

The following information is kept confidential:

  • Personal information you provide (email, phone, birthday) is not shown to the public;
  • Your password is encrypted and no one knows, even Livenguide’s admins;
  • All chat messages are not known to anyone, even Livenguide’s admins;
  • Your Agreements are known only by you and your Guide/Traveler.

The following information is public: your dashboard, tour, profile, status, comment, like, dislike, review of Guides. Livenguide can use some public information to promote your services via other social network.

Livenguide will delete any content and information contrary to its ethics of mutual respect between people and respect to the environment. If we have evidence of any infringement of these values, we will treat the offending parties very seriously by reminding, banning or even prosecuting by law.

We believe in mutual respect between people and respect for the environment. Livenguide is completely free. 

To help us to fulfill this goal, you are encouraged to:

  • Respect other people by posting, commenting and behaving correctly. Taking together Activities with mutual respect and with care for the environment.
  • Use Livenguide's chat area to discuss on the Activity and when ready, the Guide will fill in the Agreement and send it to the Traveler to sign as a mutual proof;
  • Review (if you are Traveler) correctly and promptly Guide after the Activity. Traveler and Guide share their experience on their dashboards. These reviews and shares encourage the Guide to work better; they are also very helpful for other Users.

Our ethics are mutual respect and respect to the environment. If we have evidence of any infringement of these values, we will treat the offending parties very seriously by reminding, banning or even prosecuting by law.

We try our best to promote these values by providing Users with the best service so that everybody are happy using Livenguide.